Connecting to a power source & electricity rates

Roads & golf courses

You can ensure power by using a generator for road heating, golf course cart paths, etc. It can be loaded onto a 2t truck, allowing it to be carried anywhere.

TAIYO SHEET uses 60W/m on normal roads and 100W/m on bridges. The allowable distance per unit differs depending on the capacity of the generator used.
Rated output: 5.5.5KVA
Dimensions: L848 x W700 x H721 (mm)
Weight: 118kg
Ref.: Leasing fee
Daily: JPY 3,000/day
Monthly: JPY 36,000/day
Compensation: JPY 50/day

Agricultural & Roofs applications

For deicing in agricultural applications and removing snow from roofs, electricity can be drawn from a normal external power line or indoor power source.

Ref.: Electric bill (100m² class plastic greenhouse)
About JPY 5,000 – 25,000/year (*1 *2)
*1: With gas heaters
About JPY 80,000/year
*2: Standard electric bill
Calculated as 1 day = 8 hrs. use, 1 month = 30 days use, power rate 100V: JPY 27/kwh
Ref.: Electric bill (average per household)
About JPY 5,000 – 10,000/year *3
*3: Standard electric bill
Average per household = Calculated as 130m², 1 day = 8 hrs. use, power rate 100V: JPY 27/kwh

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