Golf course cart paths
Golf course cart paths

For golf courses having trouble with deicing. Can melt snow on cart paths.

When cart paths freeze on courses in colder regions and where the sun does not hit in winter, the course needs to close to deice them.
The deicing method with TAIYO SHEET takes just one night to complete. Operators can keep their courses open and still prevent icing.

There are many golf courses that close during the long winter months in colder regions and in cities where there are many chances for snowfall. There are also some who think that golf courses will not close due to snow just because there is little snowfall in metropolitan cities. However, there have been many instances in recent years of unusual snowfall even in these cities, forcing courses to close. A rough estimate of a golf course with an average of four days of lost sales would buy 500m of TAIYO SHEET to be laid on cart paths.

Golf courses with many steep slopes deem it risky for carts to run on these slopes, then they can use localized TAIYO SHEET on just those steep areas, or introduce them throughout snowy regions.

TAIYO SHEET structure

*Surface temperature zone varies depending on the environment.

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