Privacy policy

1. Protecting personal information

TAIYO, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the company”) believes that the proper handling and protection of personal information are an important societal responsibility. In order to fulfill that responsibility, we shall appropriately handle all personal information in accordance with the following policies.
The company shall observe all laws, regulations, and other standards for protecting personal information. We shall strive to protect our customers’ valuable personal information.

2. Obtaining personal information

The company shall obtain customer personal information through fair and appropriate means, and shall not obtain such information through deceit or other wrongful means.
When viewing or using the website managed by the company, the company shall collect and use the following customer information (or when the equivalent information itself does not conform to “personal information” as it cannot identify a specific individual) for the purpose of operating this website; measuring views or use of this website; information and statistical processing; improving the company’s services; or the execution of the company’s business activities.

Access log information

Access log information (log data) created when a customer views or uses this website will automatically be collected and saved. Contained in the saved/collected log data are information on the IP address of the terminal the customer is using; browser type; operating system; page(s) viewed; page(s) accessed; location; device; search word(s); age; gender; and cookie information. This website will collect and save log data when the customer uses this website or services provided by this website. The collected log data shall be used to operate this website; measure views and use of this website; information and statistical processing; improve this website’s services; and execute the company’s business activities.


This website uses cookies to make it more convenient for the customer to access this website again. Cookies are small data packets that are sent to your computer’s hard disk. This website uses cookies so that we may understand details of how this website is used, monitor web traffic routes, and improve the company’s services. You can change the setting in your browser to block cookies from websites you access. However, please understand that deactivating cookies may cause this website and some services provided by this website to function improperly.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a third party service, to operate this website; improve the company’s services; execute the company’s business activities; and make the viewing and use of this website convenient. It measures your log data (including cookies collected from you and your IP address) and performs information and statistical processing. Log data used and processed by Google Analytics is collected by Google. Google’s privacy policy can be found below.

Click here for Google’s privacy policy

How log data is collected and used is stipulated in Google Analytics Terms of Service. The company shall observe Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Analytics Terms of Service. Google Analytics Terms of Service can be found below.

Click here for Google Analytics Terms of Service

Display advertising

The company may utilize the services of an advertising partner, a third party distributor, to display ads on various websites you visit based on log data collected.

Online advertising by TAIYO

We shall observe the related policies Google has made obligatory when introducing display ads and setting Google Analytics for handling display ads.
*Google Analytics functions introduced in this website: Remarketing, impression reports related to the Google display network, DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, Google Analytics reports related to user attributes and interest categories, etc.
Users can deactivate display ad tracking from Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, as well as customize Google Display Network ads.

Click here for the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

We use the Google interest base ad data and user log data collected (including age, gender, interests, etc.) after it has been compiled by Google Analytics to improve the company’s services and execute the company’s business activities.

3. Using personal information

The company fairly uses your personal information within the following scope of use.

However, the following scope of usage is excluded

4. Managing personal information

In order to properly handle user personal information, the company shall strive to protect personal information by maintaining company regulations and an internal management system; educating its employees; and taking appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, damage, tampering, and leakage of personal information, and continually review the above.

5. Disclosing personal information to third parties

The company shall not disclose or provide user personal information to third parties without their prior consent, excluding situations as stipulated by law.

6. Disclosing, revising, and discontinuing use

Should the user wish the company to disclose the personal information of the user, the company shall in principle do so immediately except in situations where disclosure is not obligated by law.

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