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We want to create products that will be used world-wide.
However, there are costs involved in developing something from scratch, including massive equipment investment costs.
So, if we could change how products and machines recognized in Japan for having outstanding results are used and made, then maybe we can reduce testing and machine investment costs while still succeeding in manufacturing.
Based on this concept, we searched for products that, despite their high performance, were hard to sell due to their high price and looked for ways to manufacture them cheaply.


The little gem that we found was Japanese paper infused with carbon fibers.
Traditional Japanese paper has particularly longer fibers than that of Western paper. This creates a strong, thin paper that for over 1,000 years has epitomized long life and durability.
This product can be heated up to 300°C, so the heat it produces can be used in heating floors, hospital beds, etc.


Taiyo is entirely focused on the intrinsic thinness, light weight, workability, and heat generative abilities of this paper.
Can we process this paper so it can be used on rooftops? At a considerably low cost?
Despite being confronted with various issues, we succeeded in the sheet being used for road heating, agricultural seed raising, and rooftops.
Agricultural applications and road heating are two areas where equipment investment will be vital as the population declines. They are major global issues.


Of course, Japanese paper is still paper. Japan takes pride in its technology to process paper.
But in today’s paperless age, people are using less paper and there are fewer chances to manufacture using this excellent technology and machinery.
So we commissioned manufacturing to a printing company so we would not have to make the investment necessary for manufacturing while still creating an inexpensive, high performance product.


Today, TAIYO SHEET is being used in a variety of fields, including Metropolitan Expressway, on farms, and on golf course cart paths.
While making use of the excellence of Japanese paper and printing technology now more than ever,


we are confident that TAIYO SHEET will help with global infrastructure (road) maintenance and farm crop cultivation, and be useful worldwide.

Company Profile

Trade name
Taiyo, Co., Ltd.
Yukuko Abe , Chairman
Keisuke Abe, President
Head Office
2-3-5 Tsuji, Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 336-0026 TEL: 048-863-8948/FAX: 048-864-4686
TAIYO SHEET LABO (located in the Toru Kobo Saitama Training Center)
2F Saitama Training Center (Toru Kobo), 3-10-19 Misono, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 336-0967
TEL:048-767-3158 / FAX:048-767-3159
June 10, 1975
JPY 100 million
Business activities
Large scale repair work (surveys, design, execution)
Construction worker training (cross training workers on large scale repair work)
Overseas activities (thermal sheet manufacturing and sales)
Annual sales
JPY 3.8 billion (Fiscal year ending July 31,2019)
No. of employees
70 (as of August 1, 2019)
Permits and licenses
Business registration
  • Construction permits
    Special construction work permit no. MLIT permit no. (Class-28) 15647
    Special construction work permit no. MLIT permit no. (Class-30) 15647
  • Registered architect firm permit
    1st Class architect firm registration: Saitama governor registration no. 10686
ISO certification
Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
Design and implementation of large scale repair work (apartment complexes, buildings, etc.)
Specialized engineers
1st/2nd class architects, 1st/2nd class construction management technicians, 1st class electrical work management technicians, 1st class public works management technicians, 1st class painting technicians, technical supervisors, electricians, apartment managers
Group participation
Japan Housing Organization (JAHO) Q/B/C member
Toru Kobo, Inc.
3-10-19 Misono, Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 336-0967
Business registration
  • Construction permits
    General construction work permit no. Saitama governor’s permit no. (General-29) 70876
  • Accredited as a vocational training school for the education of construction workers
    Vocational training school accreditation no. Directive no. 945
    Short curriculum accreditation no. 122

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