Can make snow removal from roofs easy while also reducing the snow load

Developed in collaboration with waterproofing specialists to guarantee deicing with water resistance. No more need for manual snow removal.
TAIYO SHEET performance and water resistance are guaranteed for 10 years.

Features a high quality, lightweight water resistant layer

Uses a high performance, highly durable resin to give you a durable, lightweight waterproof roof.
TAIYO SHEET provides both durability and cost performance.
Say goodbye to rooftop snow removal, as well as snow loading on buildings.

TAIYO SHEET structure

Connecting 1,515mm x 635mm (3.9Ω),
100V = 4 sheets, 200V = 8 sheets in series

*Surface temperature zone varies depending on the environment.

Product name: TS-15

Outer shell film
High quality PVC mat film
Copper foil tape
11mm double-sided tape
Electrode treatment
Attaching Faston terminals
Heating element
Heater electrical specs
AC 100V or AC 200V/160W (per sheet)
Heater output by area
Approx. 166 W /m²
Heater area
Heating area
W density

Example of installation

Work on existing roofs can be done in three steps: Laying the thermal insulator (Step 1), TAIYO SHEET (Step 2), waterproof sheet (Step 3).
You can relax comfortably on rooftops, roof terraces, and other outdoor spaces where TAIYO SHEET is used.

Operating range by application

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