Thorough safety measures

Heat resistance 
Electrical insulation
Water resistance

Uses a special laminate sheet to prevent degradation over time

There are situations where standard electrical underfloor heating cannot be installed due to high humidity, such as in washrooms and locker rooms, or their installation is discouraged. The sheet structure of TAIYO SHEET provides excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, and water resistance. It is designed so that it can be used for years underfloor in high humidity areas.

These floor heating systems use both a normal heat regulator with a controller as well as a sensor (safety thermostat) to prevent abnormal overheating.
When the sensor detects abnormal overheating, the internal contact automatically opens and electricity to the heater shuts off.
This system is isolated from the controller control system, so that should the controller fail (rendering it unable to control temperature), the system is designed to keep temperatures from rising.
It is non-igniting/non-combustible, so there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire, and no warm air or odors, keeping indoor air clean.
It does not make the air too dry, and there is no need for ventilation. This makes TAIYO SHEET healthy and comfortable.


There is little chance of degraded electrical performance or failure over years of use. It boasts over 100,000 hours of endurance, and everything but the controller has a 10-year warranty. A warranty is issued once TAIYO SHEET is installed.

Electrical safety test certifications

Conforms to electrical safety test standards

PSE mark
This mark is found on electrical products that conform to Japanese safety standards.
It can be displayed on electrical products that pass safety standards inspections stipulated by the Japanese government based on the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act.

PL insurance

As our safety pledge to you, TAIYO SHEET has taken out insurance that anticipates a variety of circumstances

PL (Product Liability) insurance
This is liability insurance that covers damage arising from a product or item delivered to a third party when such damage causes bodily harm or property damage.

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